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I love the company of fellow writers. No one understands the struggle, the exhilaration, the fascination with craft, the sheer obsession required to be a writer better than a fellow writer. But writers are geographically scattered, near and far, and getting together on a regular basis can be a challenge, except on Twitter.

These are the chats I’m aware of. Find one that appeals to you, add a reminder to your calendar, and join the conversation… just don’t forget to write, too.

NOTE: For a more focused chat experience, try using at the dates and times indicated below.

#10MinNovelists Thursdays 9-10pm ET on a variety of topics related to writing (taking summer 2017 off, back in September) hosted by @10MinNovelist.

#AuthorConfessionChat Wednesdays 9-10pm ET with the theme of sharing about writing habits and projects hosted by @jjulienauthor and @jmsullivanbooks.

#BookMarket Thursdays 4-5pm ET hosted by @bookmarketingchat and @ClaudiaC.

#BookMarketingChat Wednesdays 9-10pm ET hosted by @BadRedHeadMedia.

#BoWriChat Every second Friday 8-9pm CT, the bored writers chat is hosted by @jeweleleonard.

#CreateLounge Wednesdays 7-8pm CT hosted by @createloungeHQ.

#CreatureChat Wednesday chat regarding non-human characters in science fiction and fantasy 8-9 pm CT hosted by @OfTheWilds.

#DarkLitChat Third Tuesday of every month 8-9pm ET hosted by @darklitchat, @deapoirierbooks & @e_teskey.

#FemalesInFantasy Saturdays 8-9pm ET hosted by @Brianna_daSilva.

#HappyWritingChat Sundays 1-2pm ET hosted by @happywriting1, new topics weekly.

#JustAddTea Sundays 11am-12pm CT hosted by @ellamays.

#KidLitArt Thursdays 9-10pm ET for children’s book authors & illustrators hosted by @kidlitart.

#KidLitChat Tuesdays 9-10pm ET hosted by @GregPincus and @BonnieAdamson.

#LitChat Mondays and Wednesdays 4-5pm ET hosted by @LitChat.

#MagicMon Weekly fantasy writing chat hosted by @magicmonwords, @wordcaffeine, @abookbumble, @by_kayleigh and @slczouk. One source says it’s 7-10pm ET.

#MGLitChat Thursdays 9-10pm ET hosted by @Mglitchat.

#MSWL Agents use this hashtag to broadcast what they wish was in their inboxes. Not really a chat, but certainly fascinating. Heart the ones you love, but don’t pitch – it’s bad etiquette and will do you more harm than good.

#NeverWriteAlone Sundays 7-8pm MST hosted by @Authors_Market.

#PaperToPlatform Every other Thursday 8-9pm GMT on the topic of online book marketing.

#RWchat Sundays 7-8pm ET for romance and women’s fiction writers hosted by @RWchat.

#SciFiChat Fridays 3-4pm ET hosted by @SciFiChat.

#ScriptChat Sundays 5-6pm PT.

#StoryCrafter Sundays 8-9pm GMT hosted by @writerology.

#StoryDam Writing and self publishing chat Thursdays 8-9pm ET hosted by @storydam.

#StorySocial Wednesdays 9-10pm ET hosted by @StorySocialChat.

#StrongWomenWrite First and third Wednesdays 7-8pm CT about strong female characters and the women who write them hosted by @strongwomenwrte and @ikhrys.

#TheWritersZen First Sundays 8-9am ET talking about self-care, best practices, and all things writing hosted by @JNRlitauthor.

#Wattpad4 Mondays 8-9pm ET hosted by The Wattpad 4.

#WritersLifeChat Wednesdays 8-9pm ET hosted by @JessIngold.

#WritersPatch Sundays 10-11am CT hosted by @PatchWorkNerd.

#WriteStuff Tuesdays 9-10pm ET hosted by @PenPaperPad.

Still not found what you’re looking for? Check out Tweetreports for a much larger list!

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