HYPE: The Left Hand of God, by Paul Hoffman

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THE LEFT HAND OF GOD by Paul Hoffman has benefited from one of the most perfect, and reasonably priced, marketing campaigns available to authors in today’s marketplace: the strength of the first three chapters.

On Penguin’s website they’ve included a compelling synopsis, a “Try Before You Buy” giveaway of the first three chapters, samples of the artwork from the book, a video of the author discussing the book, and a mysterious book trailer.

None of these things are hard to put together, but what interests me is that they focus on the book, on the strength of the writer’s talent evident in the first three chapters, and the publisher’s willingness to make that much of the book available for free.

It’s an experiment that has paid off in the UK where the book was first launched, and now there are whispers of ‘franchise’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’.

I’ll be watching the development of this story as the book travels across the pond to the US with great interest. There are many parallels between this premise and that of my own book, A WARNING TO THE CURIOUS. And that’s a good thing. Because if Hoffman’s book does well, they’ll want another one like it. And I’ll be ready.

Want to read a detailed review with comments from those who’ve read it? Go HERE

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    February 13, 2010 at 3:20 am

    Well done! Nicely written post about an exciting new marketing strategy. Thanks for this!Claudine

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