Discovered: Bram Stoker’s Research for Dracula

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The London Library has discovered fascinating evidence of the research books Bram Stoker drew inspiration from during his seven-year writing of Dracula. I confess to being a little surprised by his scholarly approach and to also, having conducted my own research at the London Library, experiencing a fleeting sense of connection, even camaraderie — even though I would never have dreamed of adding marks to the margin of a 17th century library book! Be sure to watch the video, too, as it demonstrates why they believe the marginalia is his. I love this kind of insight a dead writer’s working methods and sources! In addition, that 17th century book, Thomas Browne’s “Pseudodoxica Epidemica,” is still available to members. That’s what makes the library so special, and easily one of my top five favourite places in London.

Visit: The London Library

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