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Interview: Agent Donald Maass

Don Maass

I was delighted when Donald Maass, NY agent and president of the Donald Maass Literary Agency stopped by my chat room recently to answer a few questions for some of his recent workshop graduates. Here’s a summary of the Q & A session:

Do you feel 3rd person is too distancing for today’s readers?

Donald Maass: No, but “intimate” third person point of view is increasingly common. It’s third person, but we see and feel only through the eyes and mind of the POV character. For instance: “Lia felt her face flush” rather than “her face turned red”. See?

Interview: Author, Screenwriter, Writing Coach Eric Elfman

Meet Eric Elfman, screenwriter, author, writing coach and all-round nice guy.

Eric is the author of 10 books for children and young adults, including The Very Scary Almanac and The Almanac of the Gross, Disgusting & Totally Repulsive (both published by Random House, the latter named an ALA Recommended Book for Reluctant Readers); three X-Files novels (HarperCollins); two books of scary short stories, Three Minute Thrillers and More Three Minute Thrillers (Lowell House). He is currently working on a new YA thriller, The Devil You Know.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, several of his books have also been optioned by Hollywood. His Three Minute Thriller series was optioned by Merv Griffin Enterprises, and The Almanac of the Gross has been developed as a magazine-style TV show for kids, THAT’S SO GROSS!

Class Act, an original feature film Eric wrote with his screenwriting partner, Neal Shusterman, is in development at Walden Media with Halle Berry attached to star. The dynamic duo were also hired by Walden Media to write an adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It, and wrote a sequel to the Curious George movie for Universal Studios.