January 3, 2021

6 Steps for Organizing a New Novel

I’ve never had trouble coming up with ideas, but I’ve experienced years of pain trying to find a way to corral them into novel form. So, now that I’ve finally found a process that is […]
August 1, 2019

The 4-Weekend Novel

Theoretically, it’s possible to write either before or after working your day job. In reality, I find it incredibly hard to switch between the two different mind sets within the same day if I’m rough […]
September 4, 2011

The Key to Writing a Fast First Draft: The Breakout Premise

Maybe you’re one of those divinely inspired Mozartian writers who take dictation from a higher power, but most of the rest of us have to spend some time on preparation in order to write a […]
July 22, 2011

Getting Serious about Writing

I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve allowed myself to get distracted by a thousand different things, become a virtual social butterfly, and forgotten what’s really important to me—writing my book. Something needs to be done. […]
July 9, 2011

Sitting is Killing Me!

Since I took up writing a few years ago I’ve spent more time sitting each day than I’ve ever done in my life. I’ve always been a skinny bean, but lately, yes, I’m packing about […]
June 27, 2011

The Value of a Running Mate

Writing a book is like running a marathon, one that never seems to end. In fact, it’s more like a decathlon since you need to develop so many diverse talents in order to be successful. […]
May 22, 2011

Scientific Plausibility in Steampunk Fiction

In a recent interview, Phillip Reeve (author of the Mortal Engines quartet, and the Larklight series) made this statement in relation to his waning interest in Steampunk: “As for the current Steampunk fad for faux-Victorian […]
May 12, 2011

Do You Keep an Idea Bank?

I received an interesting question from a writing friend on Facebook today which I wanted to share with you because I’m sure we’re not the only two writers to have struggled with this: “Lia, my […]
March 14, 2011

How Do Your Characters See Themselves?

I’m working on a new novel involving a dual personality, so I’m doing a lot of research into mirrors, perception and point of view, but it has taught me something interesting about writing in general. […]