Author's Bio

Lia Keyes grew up in London, where a large amount of her time at school was spent curled up on a green velvet window seat at the far end of the Gryphon Library in a mini-Hogwarts near the river Thames, reading everything she could get her hands on and not studying very much at all.

Many years, a marriage, two children, and a lot of international travel later, she now writes from a hobbit house in the woods in rural Virginia, where the night sky is full of stars.

. . .

Graduate of:

University of the Arts, London

Yale Writers' Workshop

Big Sur Writing Workshop

Member of:

SFWA & Mystery Writers of America

The London Library

Where do you write?

"In a tower in the woods, with no technology - just a notebook and a pen. The goal is to be either actively dreaming, or writing - even if I'm convinced it's rubbish.

When I reread it later, it's never as bad as I thought, of course. The trick is to 'just' keep going!"

- Lia Keyes


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